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GenieView offers highly reliable and secure real-time wireless video streaming
over the ad-hoc and cellular network - right to your BlackBerry®

GenieView is co-hosting Smart Home Expo 2015 at Nanjing, China, other related conferences are China Smart Home Concept Show 2015 Shanghai, and Beijing International Intelligent Building and Smart Home Expo 2015, or SMAhome International Conference and Exhibition 2015 Taipei .

GenieView is the world leader and pioneer in real-time m2m: machine2man (security), man2man (delivery), man2machine (mining) and machine2machine (environmental) video streaming solutions. Wireless transmission based live video streaming has many advantages, including mobility, fast deployment, and flexible range. However, analog and optical radio technology, when used for wireless transport, have one major deficiency - they need line-of-sight (LOS) conditions for the video streaming to happen.

GenieView’s patented technology enables video streaming through barriers, including building walls and steel doors. Currently, company's products: GV1500, GV2500 and GV3500, that use a standard 900 MHz HF digital or GSM radio, achieve non-line-of-sight (NLOS) wireless streaming over a long operating range, with H.265 equivalent bit efficiency. This makes them an ideal choice for mine industry, online fast delivery service, environmental watch, first response personnel, high-end delivery vehicle requiring the real-time capture and transmission of video information over a long distance.

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